Frozen pizza

Deliver the taste of PizzaStrada restaurants to your home with frozen pizza.

Safety is a major premise for the frozen foods provided by PizzaStrada’s frozen food factory. In addition to our inspection and check system during the manufacturing process, we also carry out strict quality control to ensure that we produce safe products with uniform quality.


Commitment to pizza dough

Pizza dough is made by kneading only a unique combination of wheat, water, salt, and yeast, and making each ball of dough by hand by our artisans.

ferment slowly

The shaped pizza dough is slowly fermented in a fermentation machine at a low temperature for over 24 hours.


handmade by craftsmen

The fully fermented pizza dough is rolled out by hand one by one by our craftsmen, just like in the store.


Carefully topped with carefully selected Italian tomato sauce, cheese, and domestic basil.


bake at high temperature

It is baked in a special pizza oven in a short time at the same high temperature of 500 degrees as the store. That’s the secret to PizzaStrada’s pizzas, which are chewy yet very light.

quick freezing

In contrast to normal freezing, which freezes food only by a drop in temperature, “proton freezing” freezes food using the power of magnets, electromagnetic waves, and cold air. Hybrid freezing technology that applies these three forces from all directions freezes piping hot pizza in a short time, locking in the deliciousness.


vacuum packaging

Quick-frozen pizza is immediately vacuum-packed and shipped.

I’ll enjoy having this!

Warm it up in the microwave for 90 seconds or in a frying pan for 3 minutes and enjoy.


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